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A digital marketing agency like no other


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A digital marketing agency like no other.

Bali Riley
Head of Influencer Marketing
Cairo Dredge
Media Buyer
Max Birch
Media Buyer
James Kelly
Media Buyer
Georgia Jackson
Media Buyer
Renan Viana
Graphic Designer
Josh Gibbons
Social Media Manager
Cher Birch
Client Success Manager

Where are we based?

Our very 'non corporate' offices.

Our offices are 3 renovated grain silos in the middle of the beautiful British countryside.

We're based in a village called Kinver on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK.

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"BR Media has been a saving grace for me. I took a leap a faith, found and trusted in them, and they over-delivered. They are masters."
Tyler Stanley
BR Media Customer
"BR Media did outstanding work the last few months. Took us from unprofitable with ads to a 5-10x ROAS in just a few weeks."
Ryan Merchant
BR Media Customer
"BR Media are complete professionals. I’m very happy with their work. Their customer service is unlike any other."
Heather Ryan
BR Media Customer

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