Creative Testing To Boost Facebook Ad ROAS

March 21, 2022


Facebook has changed immeasurably in the last few years. 

Some media buyers who have been in the space for years and can remember the rollout and roll-back-in of CBO a few years back.

Or the days before Detailed Targeting Expansion becoming the default…

But there is one thing that has remained constant.

Even with the best-performing format shifting every so often, it has always been important to invest in quality creative.

Business advertising on FB who make an effort to develop and continually improve creative, will win out.

Audience hacking is becoming less important within the context of Facebook ads as targeting expansion is on by default.

We’ll go further into developing creative feedback loops in a future blog post but in this one, I wanted to focus on the creative testing process.

We typically have a dedicated creative testing campaign.

Inside of that we will run our top-performing cold audience. 

In terms of the data that we look at when testing, we look at Thumbstops and average play time for videos, Outbound CTR, Cost Per Outbound Click, Results and Cost Per Result.

When you have determined the best ads, you can promote them into your main campaign or a scale campaign. 

A top tip with testing creative is to not test too much at once. If you’re in an account spending $100 a day, you won’t see efficient delivery if you’re testing 10 ads at once. 

You might think that you’re doing more by testing more things at once but you’re actually slowing down the process. If you are ahead on creative, queue the rest and wait if you can.

Hope this helps!

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