Using Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Tool Effectively

March 14, 2022


Facebook is always coming out with tools for advertisers to leverage. Not all of these are successes and there’s often a lot of phasing in and out until they get the behind-the-scenes delivery right.

One of these tools is Dynamic Creative. 

This enables advertisers to just plug in the content that they want inside of their ad set and then let Facebook test and deliver while optimizing for performance.

To use Dynamic Creative, just flick the switch on the ad set level. Looking at the account without clicking into the ad level, it will appear as one ad but inside, FB will be testing different variations of the headlines, copies and videos.

You can use the Breakdown tool (next to Columns) and select Breakdown by dynamic creative element to get better insight into some of the metrics that individual pieces are achieving.

In some situations, such as limited-time sales or sometimes testing different creatives with the same angle; this can be a really viable approach for running the ads.

The mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to Dynamic Creative is that they don’t give it an adequate budget and then they pack it full of 10 videos, 5 headlines and 5 copies; expecting any kind of proper delivery and informative, data-driven results in a realistic time frame.

It’s a miscalculation to think that if you have 10 videos to test, you can throw a limited budget at a Dynamic Creative ad set and think that that’s the best approach to take.

When using Dynamic Creative, you need to give it a fair budget, avoid overloading the tool with too many variations and crucially, as is the tale with FB ads a lot nowadays, you need to be looking at the data after the ads have been running for a fair time frame. This is creative delivery that is pushed by the FB algorithm; it needs time, spend, patience and data to yield results that you can look at.

I would recommend 3-5 variations of the element that you are testing and to keep the others constant, or if pushed, 2 variations.

For example, if I was testing videos using Dynamic Creative, I would test 3-5 videos at a time and use my best performing headlines and creative. 

Remember that you have to give this approach enough budget and time (around 2 weeks) before you start looking at the results.

This tool isn’t always a viable option for every account but it is worth testing.

Hope this helps!

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