Why UTMs Are Must-Haves To Improve Tracking Post-iOS14

February 28, 2022


Add UTMs into Your Ads!

Post-iOS14, back-end and third-party tracking softwares have seen a huge increase in use.

Marketers everywhere are moving further and further away from viewing ad platforms as separate entities and transitioning to a more omni-channel approach.

For this reason, and the fact that it is generally a best practice, we recommend having appropriate UTMs in all of your channels and ads.

A UTM is a Urchin Tracking Module. It’s added to the end of URLs to aid with tracking.

UTMs can vary based on the needs of the account but it is usually a good idea to keep them standardized.

We typically use the following because it is compatible with Triple Whale.


We have, on occasion, worked on accounts where people have overengineered their UTMs, seemingly unaware that you can make the sales channel do the legwork in terms of the dynamic element using the {{}} to surround the name that you want to track dynamically.

Above, you can see the following:

  • The UTM Source is Facebook
  • The UTM Medium is Paid
  • The UTM Campaign is the Campaign Name inside of FB
  • The UTM Term is the Ad Set Name inside of FB
  • The UTM Content is the Ad Name inside of FB
  • The ad ID is added onto the end.

Due to the dynamic nature of this UTM, these will be automatically populated with the values in the account.

You can use UTMs on the back-end and Google Analytics to find out how people are finding you and the path that they are taking to get there (don’t worry, we will go through that in a future blog post).

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