£0 in Sales to £66,358.41 in Sales in First 30 Days

Paid Ads

New client, brand new ad account, first 30 days blown out the park for them.

Though this Toy ecom brand wasn’t a household name when it came to us, they did have a lot of organic traffic that they weren’t leveraging.

They came to us with a freshly-refurbished website, a newly installed Facebook Pixel and they were eager to get started.

From Day 1, the account exploded and has been achieving great things ever since.

As they sell a huge variety of children’s toys, their best months come in Q4. 

Prior to working with us they had spent £40 in 2 years. Essentially, this was a brand new account.

The account in the 2 years prior to us taking control.

Starting with us in November they had 2 goals:

  • Lots of sales in Q4.
  • Profitable return.

By the last day of December, we had achieved the following:

  • Spent: £1,855.54
  • Returned: £66,358.41
  • ROAS: 35.76X

The same account, 31 days later.

Thanks to their new site and pixel, we were able to retarget users effectively and efficiently, resulting in a ROAS of 76X in a single day.

Typically, even post-iOS, the account averages a 500% ROAS that spikes in October, November and, of course, December when this client helps deliver presents to children across the country, spreading smiles all around.

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