£106k into £1,351,842.29 for Pet Ecom Brand

Paid Ads

This pet ecom brand was looking to grow sustainably, profitably and with an eye for the long term. 
This amazing client wanted to ensure a content-driven approach, where they could stand out from competitors and really make a name for themselves in the space.

They came to us with clear goals. 

  • They wanted to achieve a CPP of under £6.
  • They wanted to hit over £1,000,000 in return in 12 months on FB ads.
  • They want to increase their sales whilst lowering ad spend.

This was a brand who came to us with the a great outlook, plenty of data to leverage, a proven business and content to test in ads.

From when they started working with us up to now, we have:

Spent £106,432.63

Returned £1,351,842.29

ROAS of 12.24X

With the amazing growth that this client has experienced throughout our partnership, they are now at a point where they want to scale to the next level and become one of the biggest names in the space.

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