$60k into $600k for Cheryl Porter (13+ Million Followers)

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We had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Porter, starting in 2020. 

She was looking to improve the sales on her current course and then continue to work together to help launch her next 2 courses.

Over the course of 15 months we achieved:

  • $65k Spent
  • Over $600k return.
  • Successfully ran ads to 3 of her courses.
  • Broke into new markets including Italy where Cheryl has amassed a cult-following.
  • Scaled up to $14k/month in spend on cold traffic at a 5.67X ROAS.

Cheryl was a pleasure to collaborate with, always understanding the benefits of high-quality creatives and delivering brilliant, scroll-stopping content to test.

We were able to leverage videos developed by her and the creative team in order to test effectively and take advantage of sales activation at key dates like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

We started out by implementing retargeting, which achieved a 92.30X return. Then we suggested moving onto cold traffic in order to increase revenue and maximize efficiency of spend.

Cheryl was an absolute dream to work with and was always extremely grateful for the progress that we were able to contribute.

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